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Magical Ice Scraper

Magical Ice Scraper

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Scraping ice from car windows and windshields can be very hard and may leave scratches and even bigger damages to the glass surface, but using the right tool to go about it may save you time and will help you avoid causing any damage.

The Car Windshield Snow Scraper is made with a conical shape that makes scraping snow and ice more efficient and fast. It is designed innovatively so you can simply move it any direction or in circles to scrape snow from your car more efficiently. For harder and large build-up of ice, the smaller end of the scraper has mini spikes that can effectively work as ice-breaker. Plus the spiked end is removable so the scraper can also double as a funnel that can hold washer fluid to the car without spilling


  • The round shape follows the curve of the window and windshield, securing the entire 18" (46cm) of scraping surface against the glass. 
  • Remove the serrated cap to convert the scraper into a windshield washer fluid funnel. Helps you quickly and easily refill the windshield fluid reservoir in the engine compartment without spillage
  • Scraper is safe to use on glass, wipers and trim and it's ergonomic shape reduces stress and fatigue on the hands when in use
  • The round shape scraper can clear ice and snow from your cars windows twice as fast as traditional scrapes using its large 18 inch scraping surface. Plus, its unique cone shape makes it extra comfortable to grasp and use.


Material: Plastic
Package Includes: 1X Winter Scraper